1.      Become a global leading information and resource network for microfinance practitioners and others.


Performance Indicators

  • Ensure that web-site has the functionality to capture membership applications.
  • Develop website to distribute the Microfinance Association supported resources world wide.
  • Develop the Associations online Niche; ensure content, depth and interactivity in areas where the Microfinance Association is unique.
  • Enhance the website to ensure links with 20 other websites on microfinance.
  • Develop website, and ensure that it becomes a preferred link for the microfinance industry.
  • Publish Newsletter four times a year.
  • Establish links with other microfinance publishers.

2.      Develop the association as a leading and diverse membership organisation that is advancing professional development in the field of microfinance.


Performance Indicators

  • Ensure that the outreach and program content reflect the global ethos of the organisation.
  • Provide technical advice and assistance to at least 10% of members on issues relating to microfinance.
  •  Participate at the international level on the development of guidelines and processes on microfinance issues.
  • Sustain a diverse network of volunteer, staff experts and trainers who provide information, technical assistance and consulting to build and enhance the programmes and the activities of the organisation.
  • Undertake quarterly surveys to ensure that programs and activities are meeting the needs of members.
  • Develop an international strategy on membership.


3.      Develop the application of microfinance principles, practice and professional development to tackle issues relating to poverty and underdevelopment.


Performance Indicators


  • Promote Microfinance on a global basis as a distinct profession.
  • Develop and implement 3- 5 projects on long term alliance with microfinance institutions and research centres.
  • Initiate plans with stakeholders on how microfinance can accelerate growth and economic development.  
  • Develop and foster exchange programmes between well established microfinance institutions and those that are just entering the market.
  • Develop the Strategic Management course on Microfinance in collaboration with a leading business school in the United Kingdom
  • Develop strategic partnerships with Donors, and solicit for funding to research cross cutting issues that have an impact on the industry. 


4.      Evolve governance, and expand management to further excellence in achievement, accountability and vision.


Performance Indicators


  • Develop strategic relationship with potential sponsors.
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan for the association.
  • Develop a pricing and payment policy to ensure that cost is not a barrier to membership.
  • Adopt and implement a governance model, modify Board composition, structure and practices as called for.
  • Establish a permanent home, and become a professionally managed organisation with at least four full time employees, and additional contracted specialist.
  • Implement short and long term collaborative and strategic affiliation agreements that maximises shared program resources, in-kind value exchanges, and efficiencies in administrative costs.
  • Build and provide on going support for enhanced website.
  • Develop a three year strategic plan for the association to cover 2010 - 2013.
  • Ensure that strategic plans are current and useful as a guiding document for organisational strategy.


5.      Develop a strategic process that places the association as a key participant in the development of the microfinance industry.


Performance Indicators


  • Develop the brand strategy for the association.
  • Develop the strategic leadership course on microfinance with a leading business school.
  • Build strong relationship with stakeholders
  • Work with global partners to develop the association
  • Work with donor agencies on cross cutting issues that affect the profession
  • Develop affiliations with local networks in the field of microfinance


  • Links and resources to Rating Agencies
  • Market Information
  • Microfinance news
  • Government Agencies
  • Forums and Conferences
  • Training and Research
  • Networks
  • Tips on structuring your CV
  • Successful Interviewing Strategies
  • Sample Interview Question
  • Job Search
  • Research
  • CGAP Publications
  • Practitioner Group
  • Newsletters
  • Microfinance Insights
  • Journal of Microfinance