1.       The Microfinance Association Code of Conduct (“Code”) sets forth principles of professional conduct for the association.

2.       These principles promote the highest levels of ethical conduct for members of the association.

3.       We expect our members to continuously consider ethical issues and adjust their conduct accordingly as they engage in their daily activities.


4.      Professional Integrity and Ethical Conduct

The members of the Microfinance Association:

4.1      Shall act professionally, ethically and with integrity in all dealings with employers, existing or potential clients, the public, and other practitioners.

4.2     Shall exercise reasonable judgment in the provision of their services while maintaining independence of thought and direction. Members must not offer, solicit, or accept any gift, benefit, compensation, or consideration that could be reasonably expected to compromise their independence and objectivity.

4.3      Must take reasonable precautions to ensure that the Member’s services are not used for improper, fraudulent or illegal purposes.

4.4      Shall not knowingly misrepresent details relating to analysis, recommendations, actions, or other professional activities.

4.5     Shall not engage in any professional conduct involving dishonesty or deception, or engage in any act that reflects negatively on their integrity, character, trustworthiness, or professional ability.

4.6      Shall endeavour to be mindful of cultural differences regarding ethical behaviour and customs, and to avoid any actions that are, or may have the appearance of being unethical according to local customs. If there appears to be a conflict or overlap of standards, the member should always seek to apply the higher standard.


5.      Conflict of Interest

The members of the Microfinance Association shall:

5.1     Act fairly in all situations and must fully disclose any actual or potential conflict to all affected parties.

5.2     Make full and fair disclosure of all matters that could reasonably be expected to impair their independence, and objectivity or interfere with their respective duties to their employer, clients, and prospective clients.


6.      Confidentiality

The members of the Microfinance Association:

6.1     Shall not make use of confidential information for inappropriate purposes and unless having received prior consent shall maintain the confidentiality of their work, their employer or client.

6.3     Must not use confidential information to benefit personally.


7.      Responsibilities

The members of the Microfinance Association shall:

7.1  Comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations (including this Code) governing the members’ professional activities and shall not knowingly participate or assist in any violation of such laws, rules, or regulations.

7.2      Have ethical responsibilities and cannot out-source or delegate those responsibilities to others.

7.3     Understand the needs and complexity of their employer or client, and should provide appropriate and suitable management services and advice.

7.4      Be diligent about not overstating the accuracy or certainty of results or conclusions.


8.      General Accepted Practices

The members of the Microfinance Association:

8.1     Execute all services with diligence and perform all work in a manner that is independent from interested parties.

8.2     Shall be familiar with current management practices.

8.3     Shall ensure that communications include factual data and do not contain false information.

8.4     Shall make a distinction between fact and opinion in the presentation of analysis and recommendations.

8.5     Every member of the association should know and abide by this Code. Local laws and regulations may also impose obligations on members. Where local requirements conflict with the Code, such requirements will have precedence.

8.6     Violation(s) of this Code may result in, among other things, the temporary suspension or permanent removal of the member from the association’s membership role.

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